Aurora Lagattuta has choreographed and performed across The United States, Europe, and
 Asia and is presently based in Southern California.  Her work has been described as  “bizarre and beautiful” as well as “transformational” and “otherworldly” by the Huffington Post.  Lagattuta has been presented at Theatre Row in New York City, Electric Lodge and Highways Performance Space in Los Angeles, Cindy Pritzker and the Chicago Public Library in Chicago, k77 in Berlin, The New Space in Brussels, La Caldera in Barcelona, Café de las Artes in Santander, Spain and by Malashock’s Engagement Ring, Vanguard Culture and the Mingei Museum in San Diego.  She has been awarded residencies at Bali Purnati in Bali, Indonesia; Palacio de Festivales and Forn de La Calc in Spain, Ponderosa in Germany and most recently at Shiro Oni in Japan. She was a P.O.R.C.H. (Ponderosa Ongoing Research Collaboration Happenings) recipient at Ponderosa in Germany and achieved a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2012 for her solo, Inside the Whale. She danced for various companies and noteworthy choreographers in NYC, Portland, Germany and Spain and she holds a B.A. in Theatre from Fordham University at Lincoln Center, NYC. Her solo, Inside the Whale, toured throughout Europe, Chicago, Los Angeles and at the United Solo Festival on Broadway in NYC, where she was awarded, The Best Multi-Media Solo Award and the United Solo Award. The United Solo Award hosted Lagattuta’s solo performance at the United Solo Europe Festival in Warsaw, Poland. She is an Academy Member for United Solo, NYC, a member of the New Space Collective in Belgium and a member of San Diego Dance Connect. She currently is an M.F.A. Contemporary Dance Making and Performance candidate at University of California, San Diego, where she has received the prestigious San Diego Fellowship.

Artistic Philosophy and Statement

To dance is to hear our hearts speak – Hopi proverb

I am an experimental, post-modern and interdisciplinary choreographer. I come from an artistic heritage that bears homage to the Judson Theatre Church Group, European TanzTheatre and ConceptTanz Makers, Physical Theatre, Butoh, Commedia Del Arte and Performance Art. I also come from an Italian-Irish heritage and my first performances were Catholic masses that I was apart of as a young girl growing up in inner-city, Chicago.  My studies in Dance and Theatre have been coupled with Yoga trainings, research in Hawaiian Shamanism, a residency in Bali to study Balinese Dance, various Vipassana Meditation retreats, Earth-based spirituality practices, Ecology, and Energy Work. These contexts have shaped me as an artist and my inquiries around the boundaries between performance, landscape, time and community.

I agree with physicist, Carlo Rovelli’s concept that a human is more of an “interactive happening” than a separate definable thing and therefore, my work aims to create performances that serve as an intersection of art and inner understanding, albeit abstract, beautiful, and playful. I am interested in performance that is an act of compassionate exchange, it is generous. It is an act of acceptance, change, and compassion towards our planet and ourselves.

Landscapes and natural environment continue to inspire my work. I am interested in time, how the body experiences time in different locations and in turn how the natural environment shifts the embodied experience of time. I am curious about embodied presence and the eternity it can contain and the compassion it can hold. I am passionate about creating dance that is a corporeal practice for personal and community integration. The poetry of my work stems from a process of continually becoming, rather than escaping, my body, my community, and my planet as a human and artistic necessity, ultimately asking how to love again and again.

“ We are born to love as the enabling condition of our best bodily becoming. Dancing is the art, the action, and the practice that teaches us how. Dancing we learn to be the nature that creates through us, and to do so in ways that are responsive to the challenges we face in our personal, social, cultural, natural environments. In all realms dancing teaches us, as much as we can, to let others live as the enabling condition of our best bodily becoming. Dancing is thus an ecological necessity.”  – Kimerer L. Lamothe, Why We Dance



I have had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with various artists on several performances for stage, video and site-specific locations. Collaborations have included work with Pipaluk Supernova, Laura Bataller and Rebecca Garcia Caldron, Kate Vigmostad, Jamie Shadowlight, Tony Allard, Maya VanderSchuilt, Celeste Oram, Grace Mae Huddleston, Mari Kawamura, Lauren Jones and Rohan Ali.