December 13-16, Collaboration with RenGYoSho Butoh Company in NYC

January 25, 2017 IDEAS Performance at CaliT2

April 12-14, 2018 Human Body Time Machine Immersive Performance at the Forum Theater, UCSD


August 5-6 Itako: The Human Body Time Machine Performance and Installation at Shiro Oni Gallery in Onishii, Gunma, Japan as Shiro Oni Artist in Resident. Documentary Footage: Dance Selections:

June 16 and 17 at 8:30pm hOlie luna, an evening length new work at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, LA; preview video:

March, 2017 Benthic Light. Collaboration with Maya VanderSchuit

February, 2017 Liquid Liminality. Collaboration with Maya VaderSchuit

November 5th, 2016: hOlie luna at Sparks Gallery, San Diego,

December 22, 2016: hOlie luna at Cindy Pritzker Theater, Chicago, IL

June 25th, 2016: hOlie luna’s sonata at the Avant Garde Costume Gala

Butoh Classes and Workshops: Half Magic. Half Dirt.

January 16 at 8pm  2016: The People’s Opera House at Malashock Dance.


July 26- August 3 Put Your Face On at the Fringe Festival in San Diego, CA

June 27th- It’s in the Little Things, a dance installation at the Figment Festival, San Diego, CA

June 15-21 Inside the Whale at United Solo Theatre Festival Europe. Warsaw, Poland. Performance and workshop.

May 15-17, The Night of the Party with MidtoWest Dance Collective in San Fransisco.

Friday, April 24 at 8:00pm Stand Talat Art Produce Gallery & Garden, 3139 University Ave.

March 21 – Stand Tall Installation & The Night of the Party at Flex It Performance Art Festival by the San Diego Art Institute

February 21, 8:00pm Young Choreographers Showcase and Prize


September 21: 7.30 pm Inside the Whale. United Solo Festival NYC, 42nd Street

May 21: 8.00pm  Inside the Whale.  Sign6 in Brussels….!

January 11: 8.30pm Inside the Whale. Cafe de las Artes, Santander, Spain


November 15:  Polvo. Santander Centro Cultural, Spain

September 30:  Ripples.  Forn de la Calc, Catalunya, Spain.  Final performance for Artist Residency at Forn de la Calc.

August 15:  Inside the Whale. Cindy Pritzker Auditorium, Chicago, IL

April 24:  Inside the Whale. Palacio de Festivales in Santander, Spain. End of Artist in Residency

April 21:  I Ms. Hawaii. excerpt from INSIDE THE WHALE @ K77 in Berlin, Germany

March 20: Filming of Inside the Whale, La Caldera, Barcelona, Spain


August 8:  Battle of Copenhagen. Underwater Dance Creation @ Copenhagen Harbor

September 9: solo improv performance, end of PORCH Program at Ponderosa, Germany @ K77 In Berlin, Germany

September 7:  Swallowed excerpt from INSIDE THE WHALE @ K77 in Berlin, Germany

January 11: You are the song you have been waiting for. excerpt from INSIDE THE WHALE @ Kalani Oceanside Retreat, Big Island, Hawaii


March 12: Sati’s Sins. Collaboration of Balinese and Contemporary for end of Residency at Tri Pusaka Arts Foundation in Bali, Indonesia


December 21: 2010 Handmade. trio at Temple Gallery, Chicago IL