Welcome to the photo gallery of current and past works. Please find Video Gallery here.

Itako: The Human Body Time Machine, Shiro Oni Artist Residency, Onishi, Japan


Benthic Light


hOlie luna


Liquid Liminality


hOlie luna for Avant Garde Costume Gala at the Mingei Museum, June 25, 2016


The People’s Opera House for Malashock Engagement Ring Series, January 16, 2016


Until the Stars Fall from the Sky, San Diego International Fringe Festival, July-August, 2015


Inside the Whale at United Solo Europe, Warsaw, June 2015; also performed in Spain, Brussels, Berlin, NYC, LA.


Stand Tall at Art Produce Garden and Gallery, April 24, 2015


Standing Taller Performance Installation at for Art Institute’s Flex It Event, March 21, 2015


Ripples at Forn de la Calc Residency, Catalunya, Spain, August, 2013


Lava video dance collaboration with Pipaluk Supernova, Big Island, Hawaii, 2012


Inside the Whale Excerpt,  at Kalani, Big Island, Hawaii, 2012


Handmade at Temple Gallery, Chicago, IL, 2011