Half Magic. Half Dirt.

from mud, a lotus blossoms.

Weekly Classes and Monthly Workshops.

Tuesdays: 6:00-7:15pm February 16 – May 3 at Art Produce in North Park

Saturdays: 10:30-2:00pm February 20, March 19 & April 23 at Sanctuary Studios in Lemon Grove

This year, my dancing keeps reminding to return to what is authentic, real and present for me. Dance continually teaches me what my body truly is- a very fleshy and earthy conduit for spirit and love embodied – Half Magic. Half Dirt.

What I want to see in dance:
  • Less showing, more EMBODIED experiences
  • Less of what we habitually think “looks good” and more TRUST in the unknown
  • Less of who you think you should be and more of who you ALREADY ARE
  • Less forcing and more UNFOLDING
  • Less falseness and more COURAGE
  • Less judgment and more CURIOSITY
What to expect:

I know the body to be a natural vessel that is us and is not us. I trust the body as a messenger and connector of the spirit that we are. At the same time, I have found spirituality and connectedness to exist far beyond our assumptions. Yes, connectedness to spirit can be found in ethereal realms of meditation AND it can also be found in the mud between your toes. It is this dual relationship that we will explore in dance. Dance as a connector to all that we truly are in the sky and on the ground: Half Magic. Half Dirt. This is exactly what we will cover over the weekly classes and workshops:

  • Half Magic: Movement practices that deeply connect you to who you truly are: spirit embodied. Gain tools for connecting to your higher guides and spirit through dance. We will use breathe work, Butoh and meditation as inspiration here.
  • Half Dirt: Practical technical approaches to move your body through space safely and efficiently. Contemporary body mechanics for walking, falling, getting up and down from floor in order to move effectively with weight. This work will be drawn also from Butoh as well as Contemporary Dance and Yoga.

Weekly Tuesday Class: Half Magic. Half Dirt. Butoh and Contemporary Dance Class.

Tuesdays.  6:00-7:15pm February 16- May 3 at Art Produce

_DSC7047-Version2“Kara-da” means body in Japanese. “kara” means emptiness and “da” means standing or existence. Contemporary Japanese Dance form, Butoh considers what the body is, or… who we really are. In the lineage of Kazuo Ohno, Butoh is the way to experience the universal reality of our body-mind-space through dance, and to embody everything such as paintings, sculptures, music, and any existences in dance.

Over three months, this class will invite participants to experience the fundamental approaches to Butoh and Contemporary Dance including: “whitening,” metamorphosis, and performance within the themes of alchemy and elemental research. The intention of the workshop is to bloom a lotus in the mud of this often-misunderstood dance, and polish it by inviting participants to experience a new approach to the body-mind-space relationship and in turn, their own dance, art, and life.

Workshops: Half Magic. Half Dirt. Exploration of Embodied Composition

Saturdays: February 20, March 19 & April 16. 12-3:30pm at Sanctuary Studio in Lemon Grove

_DSC6953(1)The Saturday Workshops will continue the material covered on the Tuesday classes by offering means for CREATION. The Saturday workshops will focus less on learning dance tools and more on putting the skills learned on Tuesdays to use for creating own work. Art, materials, poetry and other found objects will be used to assist in creation and performance of work.

*It is encouraged to take both the weekly classes and workshops in order to build on and integrate the material learned.

My Intention

I desire to share my knowledge and perspectives gained in dance. I also aspire to take spirituality and mindfulness work to the stage with conscious, heart-filled performances and performers. I aim to build a community of co-creators that workshop, share, and educate each other. I therefore hope to empower others to discover new works, duets, plays or poetry. I want to build a healthy community of eccentric, open and conscious artists and performers. I hope you join me.

  • Early Bird Discounts till February 1, 2016:
  •  Weekly Tuesdays: $150.00 for 3 months
  • $120 for 3 workshops
  • $230 for both classes and workshops

Regular Pricing:

Weekly Tuesday class 165.00 for 3 months

Monthly Workshops: $50 each

All 3 workshops: $135.00

BOTH Classes and Workshops: $250.00

*Payment plans can be available upon request. Pricing is set to guarantee space and myself payment. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me: bodybocaproject@gmail.com

Photography by Julia Turnbull