Inside the Whale

A multi- media, bilingual, solo dance performance that tells the tale of Penelope, a woman swallowed by a whale.

̈Bizzare and Beautiful One-Woman Show.” – The Huffington Post

INSIDE THE WHALE (Dentro de la Ballena) is the fantastical journey of Penelope, a woman swallowed by a whale, learning how to live in her own skin. It is a tale of acceptance as well as an exploration of identity. As a bilingual (English and Spanish) multi-media, solo dance piece it combines underwater video projections with contemporary dance, orginal collage art, poetry and song. All combine to create a truly orginal contemporary solo.
As Huffington Post explains, “The story, full of poetry and whimsy, is the tale of a girl who is swallowed by an old woman whale and learns about life and love through this strange new partnership. “Harold and Maude” meets the story of Jonah and the whale, perhaps?”.
The theatrical and physical movement overlaps with underwater dancing video and rich collages to loosely weave the story Penelope, a woman with lollipop lungs that have dried out, making her mute. So, a wise whale woman finds her, recognizes her ailment and her cure, and that is to eat her. Once swallowed, Penelope embarks on an adventure of self- discovery, encountering many entities, animals and voices who reveal her own hidden passions, powers and voice.
“We were as struck by Aurora’s imaginative storyline as we were by her warm spirit and pursuit of passion and empowerment. The project worked toward a cause dear to our hearts in a language we had never heard before,” states the Huffington Post.


Inside the Whale has been performed in Warsaw, LA, NYC, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin, Santander, Spain and Chicago from 2013-15. Inside the Whale won Best Multi Media Performance and United Solo Europe Invitation and Performance in Warsaw, Poland at the United Solo Theatre Festival in NYC, 2014-15. This piece was made over the course of two years in Hawaii, Berlin and Spain thanks to Arstistic Residencies at Kalani Oceanside in Hawaii, Ponderosa Tanzdance in Berlin, La Caldera in Barcelona, and Palacio de Festivalis in Santander, Spain. Inside the Whale is a successfully funded Kickstarter Production. Inside the Whale premiered at the Cindy Pritzker Auditorium in Chicago, IL USA sponsored by the Chicago Harold Washington Library, August, 2013.


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