What People Say

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“We were as struck by Aurora’s imaginative storyline as we were by her warm spirit and pursuit of passion and empowerment. The project worked toward a cause dear to our hearts in a language we had never heard before,” Huffington Post.

“The choreography is exciting and dramatic. The relation to the projection is arresting.  The singing creates a beautiful sonic environment. And the idea of a woman swallowed by a whale is resonant.” Matthew Maguire, Head of Theatre Department, Fordham University at Lincoln Center

“I saw ‘Inside the Whale’ at the Pritzker in Chicago and it has stayed with me for months.  Not knowing what to expect, I found myself completely mesmerized.  I felt like more than just watching a performance, I was engaged in a whole experience with this character, Penelope. Somehow through the mysterious and beautiful movement, music and video, I was taken along through a whole spectrum of emotions and experiences.  There is a spirit to this show that is so moving and I felt lucky to be a part of it.” Emily Olson

“Watching Aurora create onstage was deeply inspirational; Her nexus of visual art and language awakened my ears, eyes, and soul!” Lisa Picker

“Aurora brings an amazing presence to the stage through her inspirational dance and acting skills. It’s truly a joy to experience!” -Amy Cascarano

“As a dancer, Aurora is highly creative in how she collaborates with nature. She has a fabulous intelligence and unique source of ideas that she weaves into her dance repertoire. Her dancing skill brings these ideas and collaborations to life as visual art. Using mixed media within dance is one of Aurora’s specialties. Her dance piece in Hawaii incorporated visual collages I watched her make in the art studio along with music, video, voice, and of course carefully crafted movement to tie the piece together.” Emily Hutter