Itako: The Human Body Time Machine Performance and Installation at Shiro Oni Gallery in Onishi, Japan as Shiro Oni Artist in Resident. Dance Select Video

hOlie luna June 16 and 17 at 8:30pm hOlie luna, an evening length new work at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, LA

Benthic Light. Collaboration with Maya VanderSchuit

Liquid Liminality. Collaboration with Maya VaderSchuit

hOlie luna at Cindy Pritzker Theater, Chicago, IL, December 2016.

hOlie luna at Sparks Gallery, San Diego, November 5th, 2016.

hOlie luna’s sonata: A dance performance exploring the inner workings of plural identities, inner connectivity and personal power. Excerpt performed for the Avant Garde Costume Gala at the Mingei Museum. June 25, 2016

hOlie luna dance for film. Made in collaboration with Tony Allard and CalState San Marcos, June, 2016

The People’s Opera House: An audience interactive live opera house for the Malashock Engagement Ring Series. January 16, 2016

Put Your Face: A collaborative dance duet about female relationships at the San Diego International Fringe Festival, July 26-August 3rd, 2015.

It’s in the Little Things: A dance installation for the Flex It Festival, June 27th, 2015

Stand Tall: A large scale, multi-disciplinary  community dance piece. April 24, 2015

Standing Taller, a dance installation: at Flex It by San Diego Art Institute, March 21, 2015

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky: duet in collaboration with Kate Vigmostad. February 21, 2015

Inside the Whale A dance theatre solo, performed in: Warsaw, LA, NYC, Chicago, Barcelona, Brussels, Berlin & Santander, Spain 2013-15

Polvo: A duet collaboration with Rebeca Garcia Celdran for female suicidal poets performed at Cultural Center, Santander, Spain 2013

Ripples: A duet collaboration with Laura Bataller about circles at Residency at Forn de la Calc in Catalunya, Spain, 2013

I Ms. HawaiiA solo performance. K77, Berlin 2013                       

SwallowedA solo performance. K77, Berlin 2012

You Are The Song You Have Been Waiting Forcurated evening of dance for community, Hawaii 2012

Sati’s Sins: A duet in collaboration with Tri Pusaka Center for the Arts. Residency at Bali Purnati, Bali, Indonesia 2011

Handmade: A trio about the Moriae (Greek Fates) Temple Gallery, Chicago 2010


hOlie luna: a dance video about the exchange of power and energy between three moons.

 Anaïs videoA dance poem inspired by Anaïs Nin 2014

52 Improvisations of 2013: A weekly dance improvisation project can be found on the Bodyboca blog here

In Passing video: A part of the P.O.R.C.H. program for talented emerging performing artists at Ponderosa, Germany 2012

Red Dress/Massa Gran video: An Underwater dance made in a tank in the Copenhagen Harbor, Copenhagen. Thanks to Pipaluk Supernova. Music by Alber Palomar 2012

El MAR  video : An underwater dance made in Pahoa, HI in collaboration with Pipaluk Supernova 2012

Lava: A dance video made on the lava rocks in Hawaii, in collaboration with Pipaluk Supernova  2012